The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 
(BFSI) sector across the globe is ever blooming. 
Especially considering the digital boom that has happened in the past decade, new innovations have rendered the sector rife with opportunities. According to sources, the BFSI sector is  projected to create 1.6 million jobs by the year 2022. 

What profiles comprise the BFSI Sector?

Corporate Banking
Corporate Banking includes all services and solutions offered to corporations and companies. It is a specialized form of banking which includes several profiles such as accounting, treasury management, cash management, etc. 
Retail Banking
Also known as Consumer Banking, this refers to services offered to customers. Retail  Banking offers opportunities in strategy and planning, digital marketing, wealth management, etc. 
Investment Banking
Investment Banking makes up for a specialized form of banking tasked with capital creation for individuals or companies. Mergers and Acquisitions forms an important part of Investment Banking. Sales, joint ventures, etc. are some of the profiles you can expect  to assume if you decide to pursue a career in Investment Banking. 
Other Financial Services
Other than Banking, Financial services include a multitude of profiles, ranging from Business Development, Treasury Management, Financial Analyst, etc.  

Banking and Finance is a very large sector, comprising of so much more. The above is just an overview; each section is a sea of opportunities, each one unique in its own ways.

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