Have you completed your Graduation recently and feeling confused about what to do next? While some students know exactly what career option to choose and how to build a professional career after Graduation, most of the students start feeling the performance pressure and find themselves in a no man’s land.

It’s quite natural to get confused when it comes to choosing the right career after Graduation. Today, there are numerous career options available for students to pursue, and this is the reason why they find it difficult to decide which way to go. This is the time when they struggle to realize their passion and skillsets.

Still, the big question remains the same: “What should I do after Graduation?” Relax! Follow us, and we will lead you to the way of proper guidance and support that you have been looking for forever since you completed your bachelor’s.

How to decide the right career path?

It is tough to decide about the right career path after Graduation when you are too confused about what to do next. The confusion arises when students are unable to figure out whether they should apply for a job or go for higher studies.

Don’t panic! We are going to list down few beneficial ways to choose and make the right career decision:

Figure out your core area of interest

The first thing you need to do is analyze, observe and figure out your core area of interest. The experience you gained during college must have given you a fair idea about your area of interest. On the basis of that, note down your hobbies and passion along-with the things in which you are good at like your skills, talent, and strength. This will help you to self-judge your potential and you will be able to make the right career decision.

What to do after Graduation: Why it’s an important decision?

You have come so far in your academic life, and now it’s high time to make the right career decision as this will eventually pave your way to a bright professional future. This is not as simple and easy as it seems. Today, the job market is expanding at an exponential rate and off-beat jobs are becoming popular. Therefore, it’s not necessary that a B.Com or B.Tech Graduate is necessarily bound to choose an MBA or Software Engineering as the only career options respectively.

For example, an Engineering Graduate devoted 4 precious years to complete his degree, however, that doesn’t mean he has to stick to this field even if his passion, aptitude, and skills lie in some other field. Therefore, it becomes necessary to figure out your passion, aptitude, and skillset after completing your Graduation. This will not only help you to complete your higher studies but also give you the space to build a bright future in your dream domain.          

If you are in your final year of Graduation or have just completed your Graduation, observe your work closely and figure out the key traits in you that make you the best. If this doesn’t work, reach out to career counselors or do an internship in the area you like to understand your potential and passion.

Choosing the right career option after graduation is a tough decision to make

Yes, it is! There are many dilemmas that revolve around a student’s mind when it comes to choosing the right career option. Questions like “I have done B.Tech, but my skill lies in writing”, “Should I go for Higher Studies or apply for Job?” and “Will I be able to get a job with such and such degree” leaves too many doubts in the student’s mind.

Here are some ways to handle this issue:

The clash between degree and job

In a situation where you think that your degree is not enough to land you in a good job, you must try to understand what your Graduation Degree can do to uplift your career. Based on the assumptions made, you must go for some professional certifications to add value to your skills. In this world of ever-changing possibilities, you can survive for long on the basis of a degree. Therefore, keep updating yourself, stay abreast with the latest market trends, and learn new skills to strengthen your career.

Lack of confidence in the field of study you have chosen

A large chunk of students falls in this category as they are compelled to choose a career path that is influenced by peer pressure, parental compulsion, or simply due to lack of awareness. In this case, taking help from career experts is the best way to figure out your potential. Experts like professional career counselors through the help of well-designed aptitude and psychometric tests will help you to realize your true skill sets. This will not only help you to realize what you are best at but also allow you to make the right career decision.

Go for an internship

The best way to explore a career any career option is by getting real-time experience. Therefore, if you are not sure about your skill sets or passion and want to experiment, apply for an internship that is relevant to your career field. By doing this, you will not only be able to figure out areas of interest and passion but also you will be able to decide that you need to go for further studies or continue doing a job right after graduation.

Talk to experts

The best way to figure out whether you should go for higher studies or start doing a job right after your Graduation is by talking to experts like your seniors and career counselors like SALESPROPEL. Start building professional networks on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, and get in touch with people who are working in your field of choice. Their experience and insights will give you a fair idea about what you should do and how you should proceed to build your bright future.


SALESPROPEL is a Learning Academy focused on offering Learning Solutions to the BFSI Sector.

Our Learning Interventions are based on a hybrid learning system, with domain-specific training, industry-recognized knowledge inputs, and candidate grooming from BFSI professionals, to achieve 360⁰ development of each candidate.

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Our objective is to support Banks and Financial Institutes by providing quality Business Development resources, which can help in achieving individual and organizational goals.

We at SALESPROPEL offer students a Certificate PROGRAM in BFSI.

Our dedicated training program encircles and familiarizes each candidate with the basics, as well as the advanced know-how of BFSI sales. Along with the theoretical and classes, our students get an opportunity to meet respected and renowned industry experts, who mentor them and guide them. With the right guidance and real-time experience, students become more confident and prepared for their endeavors, while ensuring bright and prospective career growth.


  • Direct Training under Domain experts with 30+ years of experience and knowledge-based curriculum.
  • 360° holistic training experience including 2 core and soft skills.
  • Interactive sessions with the domain experts & Industry practitioners.
  • Conducting Mock Interviews with the Industry Experts.
  • 100% Assistance in placement with reputed companies from BFSI Sector.
  • Competitive Edge and preferential hiring with our impaneled corporates.
  • Assistance in Negotiating with Industry participants.

This program has been specifically designed for people who are keen on working in the Business Development Division within the BFSI Industry. The content and methodology have been prepared to keep in mind the uniqueness of this industry and make our students future-ready to face challenges and achieve greater heights in their respective careers.

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